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More on Civil Engineering

Civil engineering can be seen as the network of man-made fixed projects throughout the world. Civil engineers design infrastructure for commerce, transport, energy, and industry. There are a number of sectors within civil engineering, including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction enginering, environmental engineering, and transportation engineering.

More on structural engineering

structural engineering is based on the pragmatic knowledge and physical laws of structural performance in different environments with various materials. Considerations of a structural engineer include stiffness, stability, and strenth of the structure, and also cost, sustainability, aesthetics, safety, and constructability. There are several sub-disciplines of structural engineering, such as earthquake engineering and wind engineering.

structural engineers must be creative and efficient in using materials, funds, and structural elements to construct complex structural systems from basic elements. Materials used by structural engineers vary, and include alloy, composites, iron, timber, and concrete, to name a few.

Education Courses in Civil/ Structural Engineering

Civil/ Structural Engineering educationStudents in civil engineering and structural engineering education courses must gain an in-depth understanding of both dynamic and static loading, and the resistance of power structures against them. This knowledge is usually gained in education programs ranging from 3 to 5 years in duration. Subjects included are geonetics, design, mathematics, project management, and physics.

There are a variety of study options available worldwide within Civil/ Structural engineering:

Careers in Civil/ Structural Engineering

Common job titles of civil or structural engineers include Professional Engineer, European Engineer, or Chartered Engineer. There are various international agreements which allow engineers certified in one country to work abroad, although regulations between different countries vary. The responsibilities of civil and structural engineers depends on their certification, and also on contract law, building codes, and environmental legislation.

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Does anyone have a civil engineering diploma? Is your job fun?

I am a civil engineering major, I just wanted to know, do you find your job fun? Also, what do you do at work? Do you work long hours?

It is stressful especially now since the economy is so bad. I have already seen several civil engineers lose their jobs and it isn't getting better. It is getting worse since after the end of this month there is absolutely nothing in the pipeline for projects. You will regularly work 50 hours a week as a civil engineer.