Marketing a Civil Engineering firm

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So, you've started your own civil-engineering enterprise. Congratulations! Starting an engineering company is a feat on its own, and you should be proud. Now that the business is off the ground, though, what's the best way to draw in new customers? Perhaps you've established a steady client base already, or are bringing in business through references and word of mouth.

This is effective, of course, but unfortunately, it’s not enough. If a civil-engineering firm wants to succeed, they’ll have to keep up with small-business trends, engage in client interactions and begin thinking like a marketing pro. Without the training and background of an advertiser, many civil-engineering technicians aren’t sure where to begin when trying to brand their business.civil-engineering firm Hope is not lost, though—with just a few tips and some guidance, civil engineers can learn to successfully market their brands.

1. Identify a Target Audience
The first step in developing a compelling marketing campaign begins well before cold calling and reaching out to old clients. A civil engineer should first ask themselves: What can I bring to the business that competitors lack?

Civil engineers can carry out business with a wide variety of clients, providing necessary services that make cities run smoothly and keep buildings upright. This puts civil engineers in high demand, but can also leave small-business owners unfocused and spreading themselves too thin while trying to wrangle clients from every sector.

As a business owner, start small. Civil engineers, construction companies, and local governments, for example. Architecture companies also often require the work of civil engineers, as do contractors, city governments, and regular consumers.

civil-engineering- irmTrying to hit each and every one of these sectors will not only overwhelm you, but will also yield less-than-ideal results. When any worker—including civil engineers—are spread too thin, they may make errors. With civil engineering, though, errors can have dangerous consequences.

Instead, identify a few regions or economic markets you’d like to tap into, ones in which you can build your brand and business into a powerhouse. If you have experience with real estate firms and city governments, begin by marketing your services to these groups.civil-engineering firm Make cold calls, send out emails to previous clients asking for references, and keep up with local news and government plans for projects to get in on the ground floor with a bid.

Remember: It’s better to do one project right than to attempt several with mixed results.

2. Get Online
It’s vital for a new and modern civil-engineering firm to have a great website. This means plenty of content, dynamic graphics, and a focus on why your business in particular is the one to choose for planning services, building design, and public-works projects.

If you’re not a civil engineer by day and a web-designing genius by night, you may want to consider outsourcing website production to a graphic designer or web developer. Yes, this is an added expense, but it’s worth it—when potential clients visit your site, they’ll find a professional design. Civil engineers are trusted with important tasks that affect countless people; clients want to know with certainty that they can put their faith in a company.

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