Municipal Civil Engineering Positions

Since 1973 Gilmore & Associates has provided civil engineering and consulting services to municipal clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

Currently, we serve over 60 townships, boroughs, cities, county governments, and water/wastewater authorities. As municipal civil engineers, our primary responsibilities are to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the community and represent the municipality’s interest through the construction practices during proposed development projects. In addition, our team of design and civil engineers assist in the evaluation of municipal capital improvement projects such as road construction and rehabilitation, potable water systems, stormwater improvements, recreational facilities, and streetscape revitalization.

Gilmore & Associates is a full-service civil engineering and technical consulting firm. Our municipal clients benefit from this through receiving a comprehensive approach and having access to technical subject matter experts. Municipal clients working with Gilmore & Associates experience efficiency and savings by relying on us for many services rather than hiring, managing and coordinating multiple consultants. Our municipal services include construction observation, infrastructure planning and design, surveying, environmental compliance, and grant funding opportunities.

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What positions are there for a civil engineer without a EIT or PE ?

My friend has a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineer and 4 years experience in construction site development. However, she has taken the EIT and not passed it. Is there any hope of finding a well paying position in civil engineering without passing EIT??

There are many jobs that do not require the EIT (FE) or the PE. She many find her advancement limited if the firm wants to have their management able to stamp drawings. But larger companies have few people that actually stamp drawings, so she may find it is OK there. Meanwhile she can re-take the EIT, the place of employment may pay for the test and also a prep class. If she hasn't taken a prep class, I would advise that since she has had trouble before.