Project topics Civil Engineering


Developing the built environment

The research field of this department is crucial to the further development of the community’s infrastructure.The huge environmental challenges we are facing present the department with a demanding responsibility in terms of the development and dissemination of new expertise for a sustainable society.

The department conducts basic research as well as project based research in cooperation with our partners in industry and the public sector. We often engage our senior level students, allowing them to work on real-life issues and actual problems as they specialize. Each research initiatives is grounded in one or more of our 6 distict research groups, which are closely tied to the specializations in our degree programmes.

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In the next phase, the Centre plans to introduce Master's and Doctorate courses for civil engineering graduates, thus creating something lacking today: manpower capable of undertaking restoration work and, more importantly, conservation of 'living ..

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What are all the Topics for mini projects in civil engineering?

Some of the mini projects can be done on Green building, Intelligent buildings, table top earth quake generator for designing a building to withstand the seismic waves..........