Amtech Construction Services Dallas

Commitment #1

We will take every action to ensure our products are safe for you and each passenger.

Commitment #2

We will be uncompromising on work quality.

Commitment #3

We will respond promptly to your requests and keep you updated on our progress.

Commitment #4

We will relentlessly follow up on every job, to meet or exceed your expectations.

Commitment #5

We will take ownership of any issues and address them in a timely manner.

Commitment #6

We will anticipate your needs and be proactive in meeting them.

Commitment #7

We will deliver what we promise, on time, with no exceptions.

Commitment #8

We will maintain a positive and professional attitude.

AMTECH Elevator Services is a group of independent elevator companies operating in Southern California, as well as Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas.

Although a wholly owned subsidiary of the Otis Elevator Company, our business objective is to be recognized as the premier regional, and more specifically, local elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization company. We offer quality maintenance, repair and modernization services for all types of vertical transportation systems regardless of the original manufacturer.

Our complete line of quality, cost-effective services is available through a network of local offices unencumbered by the costs and inefficiencies of larger construction-based organizations.

  • Fast personal response, and timely follow-up
  • Mechanics trained to communicate with customers on every visit
  • An outstanding safety record
  • Resources of a large company, agility and flexibility of a local company
  • Mechanical expertise across product lines
  • Remote online experts support mechanics
  • Otis worldwide engineering resources
  • Competitive pricing

Customer Service: Dedicated to highest quality customer service

Approach: Try to do the right thing in maintenance decisions

Commitment of Employees: Provide a safe and stable work environment with a fair opportunity for learning and personal growth

Environmental Stewardship: Strive to be a good environmental steward eliminating waste, conserving resources, and recycling material

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