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Construction contract controls and construction audit webinar series

Construction projects are highly visible, complex undertakings requiring significant financial commitments. Whether you’re spending public or private funds for your construction project, these webinars can help ensure your initiative isn’t costing more than it should. This variety of topics provides you an overview of the construction contracting process, offers industry insight, and delivers the tools necessary to get you started.

Upcoming webinars in this series

Effective project controls are an organization’s best construction risk mitigation strategy. Through a series of case studies, we illustrate effective and ineffective project control scenarios and how to verify that the project controls environment is performing as expected.

Conflict and disagreements are normal on construction projects. This webinar provides owners an overview of strategies for identifying potential claims scenarios and remedies available to mitigate claims.

All construction contracts have general conditions provisions. Analyzing these contract terms enables the construction contract auditor to build the project audit program and contribute to on time, under budget project delivery.

Construction contract fundamentals

How internal audit can successfully participate in pre-construction planning activities to help mitigate financial, operational, and compliance risk. A review of the construction lifecycle and responsibilities.

Construction financial controls and contract compliance

Post construction auditing and fraud detection

Assist in detecting potentially fraudulent, wasteful, or abusive construction practices while strengthening your organization’s internal control environment.

Performing construction contract risk analysis

Analyze a contract for project risk and learn how to develop a risk mitigation plan. Case study review of Guarantee Maximum Price, Stipulated Sum, and Unit Priced contracts.

Best practices for preventing budget scope creep

Decompose each type of change order and soft costs, how they impact the project budget, and how to develop audit steps to verify contract compliance or document owner credits.

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