Discretionary spending on housing projects

Discretionary Spending Is Good

Yesterday, the House approved the fiscal 2015 spending bill for Transportation and Housing and Urban Development (THUD) by a vote of 229-192. The appropriations measure (HR 4745) was opposed by Democrats, who rejected the bill’s lower funding levels for rail, mass transit, and the TIGER program, and certain provisions related to public housing. The bill would provide $52 billion in discretionary spending authority, which is $1.2 billion above the current enacted level. However, due to lower projected housing receipts, which help to offset program costs, the program funding level for fiscal 2015 proposed in the House bill is effectively $1.8 billion below the enacted fiscal 2014 level. The White House issued a Statement of Administration Policy on Monday strongly opposing the bill, but falling short of issuing a veto threat. The Administration raised concerns about the bill, saying that it fails to provide enough funding for infrastructure, including for TIGER grants and investments in rail and mass transit, as well as provides insufficient funding for a variety of housing programs, such as Housing Choice Vouchers, Homeless Assistance Grants, Choice Neighborhoods, and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. The Senate is expected to take up its THUD spending measure (S 2438) on the floor later this month. The Senate bill version would provide $54.4 billion in discretionary spending, $2.4 billion more than in the House-passed bill.

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I need to spend 20 million dollars for a project what should i buy?

project for school i need to spend 30 million dollars i could only spend 10 million what should i buy with the rest it cant be a house or a car
and it has to be 20 million or less

go on a shopping spree
"buy" a timeshare (a vacation home)
"buy" a pet
"invest" in stocks
"donate" money to your school. cause i know my school is broke
give money to your parents --early retirement
through a HUGE party