Government housing projects in Memphis

Low-Income Housing Doesn t

MEMPHIS, TN - U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Assistant Secretary Raphael Bostic was at Cleaborn Homes in Memphis today to announce the Memphis Housing Authority will receive a $22 million HUD HOPE VI Revitalization grant to transform the Cleaborn Homes public housing development into a mixed-income community. The housing authority developed a highly successful revitalization plan, including effectively incorporating early childhood education programs - a priority for the Obama Administration.

"The HOPE VI Program has done an outstanding job over the years to improve housing conditions for countless low-income communities and this year, we took it a step further, " Bostic said. "As we start to broaden the scope of our efforts through the Choice Neighborhoods pilot program - linking housing to schools and early education programs, public transportation, grocery stores, health clinics and community centers - this year, HUD encouraged housing authorities for the first time to incorporate early childhood education components in their revitalization plans. I applaud the Memphis Housing Authority for stepping up to that challenge in an extraordinary way."

Joining Assistant Secretary Bostic today was U.S. Representative Steven Cohen, other elected officials and Robert Lipscomb, Executive Director of the Memphis Housing Authority.

"Increasing access to quality, affordable housing during these tough economic times is vital for Memphis, " said Congressman Cohen. "This new federal funding will help revitalize the neighborhood, create jobs, and help children get the education they need to successfully compete in a 21st Century economy."

In addition to the Memphis Housing Authority, yesterday HUD announced that the following housing authorities will also receive grants through HUD's FY 2009 HOPE VI Revitalization award process:

  • Housing Authority of the City of Charlotte (NC) will receive $20, 900, 000 to revitalize the Boulevard Homes public housing development.
  • Housing Authority of Covington (KY) will receive $17, 000, 000 to revitalize the Jacob Price public housing development.
  • Housing Authority of the City of Dallas (TX) will receive $22, 000, 000 to revitalize the Turner Courts public housing development.
  • Housing Authority of the City of Jersey City (NJ) will receive $9, 700, 000 to revitalize the A. Harry Moore public housing development.
  • Housing Authority of the City of Trenton (NJ) will receive $22, 000, 000 to revitalize the Miller Homes public housing development.

Including the grants announced today, there have been 254 HOPE VI Revitalization grants awarded to 132 housing authorities since 1993 - totaling more than $6.1 billion.

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What is your opinion on the projects? (government funded housing)?

What do you think about projects, the ghetto, hood w/e u wanna call it. almost all of my friends live in em i jus wanna noe wat yall think about places like that

I don't know about government funded housing buy I live in the LA area and there are plenty of hoods and ghettos. Minus the crime I think it's like a family, it has it's own culture, everybody in the hood is real about life they can take both hard and good times and not be broken and everybody understands where your coming from, you don't have to explain. Of course there are some major negatives but if the people worked together to fix them it wouldn't have such a bad reputation. It's like a stepping stone a motivator because life won't always be easy and eventually you'll get out.…