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Atlanta Is Making Way for New
One 12 Courtland Rendering, Student Housing for Georgia State University

The Wall Street Journal reports that more than three million high-school seniors are expected to graduate each year until the 2018-19 academic year with many going onto college. Students are looking for living spaces that can meet their technological needs, have comfortable living spaces and high quality amenities. These demands are fueling resurgence in new and renovated student housing developments. A survey of over 7, 000 students by J. Turner Research for Multi-Family Executive shows that students want updated communities close to school, big apartments with lots of storage, and individual bathrooms. They want their housing to look modern, with sleek and clean lines. These gleaming facilities begin with thoughtful design decisions from an integrated design team of architects, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineers and landscape architects.

Successful projects begin with comprehensive site plan. An experienced design team ensures that all aspects of the development are researched and addressed before the design process begins. Student housing projects differ from other multi-family projects in that students desire an environment for studying as well as relaxing and socializing with other students. “Amenity areas have to be designed with this multi-purpose sensibility addressed, while still being aesthetically pleasing and ADA accessible, ” states Kevin Edwards, Principal in Charge of Civil Engineering at Eberly & Associates. Eberly & Associates most recent project, University House in Midtown Atlanta offers students a resort-style pool on an elevated terrace, secured parking garage, study rooms, and fitness centers and a lounge on the top floor with views of the skyline sited on an in-town Atlanta urban site. “The developer wanted to take advantage of the proximity to the Georgia Tech Campus and access to The Stinger shuttle line. This property was ideally located, but required carefully planning and programming to ensure all the design and permitting requirements were met, ” states Edwards.

University House Midtown Rendering, Student Housing for Georgia Institute of Technology

These new successful student housing developments, whether school owned or leased, balance high-end amenities and support services while being economically viable over the long term. Rooftop swimming pools, soccer fields, running tracks, secure parking garages, computer labs, theaters are all amenities found in student housing communities. The impact of non-revenue spaces have to be factored into each design decision. The design team should understand the impact of these factors during the early design stage and provide insight on the construction cost and long term cost implications.

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