Project House Hunters

Buying a house can be very expensive. Most people have to turn to a bank or loan company that will loan you the extra money that you will need to afford the house of your dream. How do these companies make money? It wouldn’t make sense for them not to make a profit. In order for these groups to make a profit they need to charge you interest on the money that they loan you.

Today you are going to play the role of a realtor. Your job today as a realtor is to evaluate and appraise several different loan situations and recommend to a potential client which loan company they should use. As a realtor you are trying to make sure that your client gets the most inexpensive loan they can.

Your task today is to watch an episode of House Hunters (yes we are watching TV in class. Please get all of your cheering out right now………….ok good lets move on.) House Hunters is a popular tv show on HGTV that features people who are searching for their dream home. The people look at three different houses before deciding on which one they want to buy. As we watch the episode you will need to record the cost of each house into your notebook. After we have finished watching the episode of House Hunters, you will need to calculate the total cost of the house (the original cost of the house plus the simple interest).

After hitting the lottery this past weekend I decided to start my own loan company along with Ms. Stuart and Mr. Villalvazo. Bradford, Stuart, and Villalvazo are currently loaning out money at a rate of 6.5% My rival loan competitors Pena, Duran, and Troung are currently offering a rate of 7%. A third company called Tiongco, Sandoval, and Morla are also currently loaning out money at a rate of 5.25%. All three organizations are offering a 5 year loan. To organize our information we will be filling out a Google Spreadsheet that we can present to our clients before they make their decision. Your spreadsheet will need to include the original cost of each house as well as the total amount that each loan company will charge you with simple interest.

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Where is hunters house in emerald?

he is near mossdeep city. to be exact he is @ route 124. u need to go to where the trees and sand is, right at the edge of mossdeep. surf upwards and after about 5 steps u will see a plot of small land. the hunters house is there.