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"If you are bored, Go play in traffic." Perhaps not the best advice my Mother ever told me. However, this Sunday, September 29 from 10am - 3pm you can go play in the street!

One of my favorite San Antonio events is Síclovía. A time for thousands to take over Broadway and walk, roller skate, or bicycle up and down the street.

Check out more information about all the activities happening at Síclovía and visit Project MEND while you are playing in the street!


row of chairsLea Rosenauer
Project MEND

Client Spotlight

Meet Mrs. Antonia Cisneros, 80 years old and residing on the Southside of San Antonio. She had fallen several times when trying to leave the house.

SicloviaMrs. Antonia heard about Project MEND because she attended a presentation at the District 5 Senior Center. So, she gave us a call. As a widow of a veteran, Mrs. Cisneros received help through Project MEND's Veterans Program.

Because of friends like you, we helped Mrs. Cisneros safely install wooden handrails for her front steps.

In Mrs. Cisneros own words...

"I needed rails outside my door to help me go up and down without falling. I tried many different organizations and received no help. I would like to thank Project MEND for assisting me. I am very grateful for this program."

Thank You for helping Project MEND continue

to assist clients like

Mrs. Antonia.


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