Tiny House Project

gerald's prospectors cabin constructionOther nice touches Gerald added are the live-edge siding and red metal roof. The color combination really looks great and helps the cabin stand out in the woods.

Learn more about the Prospector Cabin tiny house plans. Also be sure to check out the Six Pack of Plans, which includes a copy of the Prospector’s Cabin and five other tiny house plans.

SCADpad is a tiny house project from Savannah College of Art and Design. The primary use case they focused on was reclaiming wasted parking garage space in an urban setting. The first SCADpads will be placed in a parking garage on their own campus and made available to a few select students for housing.

On April 9, 2014 they will be hosting an invitation-only celebration and tour of these parking lot sized student housing units. I suspect more details will be made public, and I’ll post again on the design and solutions their massive team produced.

My expectations are high. These resource-rich tiny house projects seem to be really good at research & development. When you focus all that creative energy on one point, you often get a bunch of good ideas – some of which may possibly be of use by owner-builders.

gerald's prospectors cabin side wall

The following is a guest post submitted by architect Andrey Bugaev.

This tiny house with just 18 m2 (194 square feet) of interior space is situated in the Moscow region, Russia. It has everything that is necessary for a convenient living. There are two large wardrobes in the hall. There are big wardrobes as well in the corridor near the fridge and over the bed. There is a bath that has a shower cabin, a basin and a toilet bowl. The kitchen is small but comfortable, the kitchen table is combined with a dining table.

This tiny house has a second tier that can sleep and play children. Antresol (mezzanine) is located above the bathroom and entrance area. Her area of 6 sq m. Children love this place as their own space to play and relax.

gerald's prospectors cabin exterior live edge siding

It’s really cold here in winter, the temperature is as low as -35°C (-31°F). When visitors arrive the fireplace is started and the temperature rises to 20°C (68°F) in half an hour. In half an hour more the bed is getting warmed and ready – no matter how cold is outside. You won’t get cold in this small house for sure.

The house stands on a hill near a river. An open porch is on the Eastern side of the house. In summer when it’s sunny the porch is lit until the noon. You can have a meal in the fresh air in the afternoon, the porch will protect you from the sun.

The cabin is built on frame technology. On the outside it’s covered with specially prepared unedged planks. The planks are first brushed then covered with blue transparent paint and then white finish is applied with a pallet. On the inside the house is sewed round with organic wooden planks. All the materials used are completely organic, all the house was assembled directly on-site.

The winters in Russia are really snowy and the snow falling from the roof can harm a lot. That’s why the slope of the roof is unsubstantial, of only 18°. Given such a slope the snow won’t slip down from the roof under its own weight. Even if there’s a huge pile of snow on the roof, it’s not that bad. In this case the snow works as an isolator and mini house “Ship” becomes even warmer.

SCADpad Model SCADpad view by drewbrown404 SCADpad on Highway by clermonthound

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