West New York housing projects

520 West 41st Street520 West 41st Street, via the draft EIS

Preliminary renderings are up for Silverstein’s 520 West 41st Street via the project’s draft Environmental Impact Statement, which affirm the building’s status as one of the largest in Manhattan, given it will stand 1, 100 feet tall. More impressive is the actual floor-count of approximately 106, which will surpass all other skyscrapers on the island.

The development’s scope is going to be a game-changer for the far West Side, and the massive injection of new retail space — totaling 300, 000 square feet, if current plans are approved — would be a catalyst for walkability. The EIS notes that 520 West 41st Street will also include 175, 000 square feet for corporate apartments, as well as 1.14 million square feet of residential space — split between 1, 400 apartments — for a gross of 1.685 million square feet.

While the height of 520 West 41st Street will be impressive, the most notable aspect of the tower is its sheer size, which also presents a turning point New York development has long needed: as ‘supertall’ technology continues to advance, buildings of 1, 000′+ will no longer be restricted to the uber-rich. This means that mass-market towers that cater to all demographics are on the near-horizon, yielding new opportunities for satiating demand, and constructing supply where it is most needed.

Indeed, 520 West 41st Street will have more units than the combined total of every other residential supertall either proposed or under construction in New York City. Even the project’s affordable component — which will total approximately 280 apartments — will have more units than projects like 432 Park Avenue and 217 West 57th Street.

While all-super-luxe skyscrapers are not a bad thing, the scope of Silverstein’s tower proves that 1, 000′+ buildings can help solve the affordability crisis.

With approximately 106 levels, the ‘floor-count’ at 520 West 41st Street will be unprecedented amongst residential towers in the United States. The development will also have the most apartments of any building in New York City. Alternate visions for the site presented attractive and forward-thinking possibilities, but the EIS scoping documents push the kind of density and verticality that Manhattan sorely needs.

520 West 41st Street 520 West 41st Street

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