Worst housing projects in America


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I thought TRUE housing projects were destroyed in just about every U.S. city by now? I know Minneapolis' were all leveled by 2002. Even in Chicago, I know the major ones (Stateway Gardens, Henry Horner, Cabrini Green, etc.) have been demolished since at least 2005.


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I like how you said MOre recent.

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Originally Posted by west336 Those are the failed ones.

Contemporary urban governance has led a shift to townhome style "projects" and section 8 expansion. HOPE 6 etc.

New York still has em.

How about Baltimore and Detroit? IDK what's going on in terms of public housing in those.

The worst? Today? I couldn't tell you. The face of public housing is changing so rapidly that we can't really know.

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That picture is over 4 years old. All of those highrise buildings have been torn down for at least a year. All that's left are the low rise buildings that are cleared out and being gutted from top to bottom.

Here's Cabrini these days:

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Originally Posted by nei

How many people live in Chicago Housing Projects?

Not nearly as many as there used to be.

The new developments are neoliberally created which means private and public partnerships are involved. Many of these private entities screen residents even more thoroughly than the old CHA-exclusive properties did. Drug tests/background checks etc.

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Originally Posted by nei There are currently 7, 800 housing units that have 21, 000 people living in them. At the peak in 1990, over 200, 000 people lived in housing projects.


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