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City of Santa Monica LogoCase Study Location: California: Santa Monica

Case Study Title: Urban Runoff BMPs for Municipal Facilities

Minimum Control Measure: Pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations

The City of Santa Monica has implemented numerous practices to control dry and wet weather discharges from municipal areas and activities and has conducted urban runoff training for city employees.

Location: California: Santa Monica
Annual Rainfall: 12 inches
Population: 84, 084
Year the Program Started: 1995

Stormwater Treatment at SMURRFContact Information:


The City of Santa Monica's Environmental Programs Division has taken a proactive approach to preventing and treating urban runoff discharges from municipal activities and other sources throughout the community. The City has invested heavily in facilities to wash municipal vehicles, treat dry-weather flows, and install innovative runoff reduction practices at municipal sites. The City also has conducted urban runoff training sessions for municipal crews.

Bus Wash Facility

Image of the SMURRFThe city-owned and operated Big Blue Bus system built a new bus wash center with a water reclamation system that will cut water use by up to 50 percent and reduce the likelihood of non-stormwater discharges. Wash water is captured, filtered and reused, ensuring that runoff from the bus wash center does not enter receiving waters. Stormwater runoff from this facility and the surrounding parking lot drains into two large sub-surface infiltration basins, removing stormwater pollutants and recharging ground water.

Training of Municipal Crews

The city's Urban Runoff Coordinator continues to conduct urban runoff training sessions for city field crews at city yards, the airport, and all other city facilities. Approximately 150 employees receive annual training on the City's urban runoff ordinance, NPDES permit, urban runoff concerns, and best management practices (BMPs) related to city operations. The employees, in turn, provided feedback on how to improve urban runoff management at their job sites. The employees' recommendations for procedural and structural changes resulted in significant improvements to the city's storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs).

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