Industrial activities SIC codes

SIC CodesThese industry titles and definitions are based, in general, on the Enterprise Standard Industrial Classification System authorized by the Regulatory and Statistical Analysis Division, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, to classify enterprises by type of activity In which they are engaged.

(Agricultural services and forestry / Farms)

0120 Field crop. 0150 Fruit, tree nut, and vegetable. 0180 Horticultural specialty. 0230 Livestock 0270 Animal specialty. 0740 Veterinary services. 0750 Animal services, except veterinary. 0780 Landscape and horticultural services. 0790 Other agricultural services. 0800 Forestry. Fishing, hunting, and trapping: 0930 Commercial fishing, hatcheries, and preserves. 0970 Hunting, trapping, and game propagation. ( ( General building contractors and operative builders / Heavy construction contractors / Special trade contractors ) 1510 General building contractors. 1531 Operative builders. ( 2415 Logging camps and logging contractors, sawmills, and planing mills. 2430 Millwork, plywood, and related products. 2498 Other wood products, including wood buildings and mobile homes. 2500 Furniture and fixtures. 2625 Pulp, paper, and board mills. 2699 Other paper products. 2710 Newspapers. 2720 Periodicals. 2735 Books, greeting cards, and miscellaneous . publishing. 2799 Commercial and other printing, and printing trade services. 2815 Industrial chemicals, plastics materials, and synthetics. 2830 Drugs. 2840 Soap, cleaners, and toilet goods. 2850 Paints and allied products. 2898 Agricultural and other chemical products. 2910 Petroleum refining (Including those integrated with extraction). 2998 Other petroleum and coal products. 3050 Rubber products, plastic footwear, hose, and belting. 3070 Miscellaneous plastic products. 3410 Metal cans and shipping containers. 3428 Cutlery, hand tools, and hardware; screw machine products, bolts, and similar products. 3430 Plumbing and heating, except electric and warm air. 3440 Fabricated structural metal products. 3460 Metal forgings and stampings. 3470 Coating, engraving, and allied services. 3480 Ordnance and accessories, except vehicles and guided missiles 3490 Miscellaneous fabricated metal products. 3520 Farm machinery. 3530 Construction, mining and materials handling machinery, and equipment. 3540 Metalworking machinery. 3550 Special industry machinery, except metalworking machinery. 3560 General industrial machinery. 3570 Office, computing, and accounting machines. 3598 Engines and turbines, service industry machinery, and other machinery, except electrical. 3630 Household appliances. 3665 Radio, television, and communication equipment. 3670 Electronic components and accessories. 3698 Other electric equipment. 5010 Motor vehicles and automotive equipment. 5020 Furniture and home furnishings. 5030 Lumber and construction materials. 5040 Sporting, recreational, photographic, and hobby goods, toys, and supplies. 5050 Metals and minerals, except petroleum and scrap. 5060 Electrical goods. 5070 Hardware, plumbing, and heating equipment. 5083 Farm machinery and equipment. 5089 Other machinery, equipment, and supplies. 5098 Other durable goods. ( FINANCE, INSURANCE, AND REAL ESTATE ( ( 7812 Motion picture production, distribution, and services. 7830 Motion picture theaters. 7920 Producers, orchestras, and entertainers. 7932 Billiard and pool establishments. 7933 Bowling alleys. 7980 Other amusement and recreation services. 8011 Offices of physicians. 8021 Offices of dentists. 8031 Offices of osteopathic physicians. 8041 Offices of chiropractors. 8042 Offices of optometrists. 8048 Registered and practical nurses. 8050 Nursing and personal care facilities. 8060 Hospitals. 8071 Medical laboratories. 8072 Dental laboratories. 8098 Other medical and health services. 8111 Legal services. 8200 Educational services. 8911 Engineering and architectural services. 8932 Certified public accountants. 8933 Other accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services. 8999 Other services, not elsewhere classified. 9002 Church plans making an election under section 410(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. 9319 Other tax-exempt organizations. 9904 Governmental instrumentality or agency.

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