Industrial Revolution activity

Industrial Revolution Activity

Inventors of the Industrial Revolution - Lesson Ideas

The Essential Question for these lessons:

Why would this group of inventions – or the time period in which they occurred –
be considered a “revolution”?

Lesson Tips

  • Start this lesson with the students coming up with their own inventions. Have them draw it and explain what problem it solves or how it makes life easier. As they put this on paper, have some of the interesting ones draw their invention on the white board. This provides an anticipatory set or activator for the Industrial Revolution lessons. Everyone can relate to the struggles of an inventor.
  • As you cover movements have the student share with a partner which invention was the most important and explain why.
  • Find the movies on the linked sites and excerpt short clips of the parts you think students need to see. The Tesla site has a great movie on the struggle for current between Edison and Tesla.
  • If you have access to it, check United Streaming for more clips to add to the presentation.

Possible lesson formats

No matter how you teach this material, be sure to offer the link to the Flash file on your techer web page so students can use it as part of review for tests or other assessments.

Whole class, on an interactive whiteboard:

  • Have students operate the board, choosing a different “Vanna White” for each page. For middle schoolers, open the Inventors Chart on the whiteboard, as well, and have students model the correct note-taking.
  • Since the activities will take more than one class day- possibly as many as 3 or 4- have students recall something about each invention group from the day before to “earn” the right to be Vanna… or let the class play “stump Vanna” with invention questions from the previous days to remove the board operator and replace him/her. It is sometimes very helpful to have your most active and disruptive student operate the board because it keeps him/her on task and focused.
  • When you reach the quiz, allow students to use laptops or take the quiz as review for homework. If you want the grades, use laptops or a lab. Or have the entire class debate each question to earn an identical grade for the whole group, but allow each student to only speak ONCE so the class does ot ride the coattails of the smartest students.

Independent work on laptops with partners:

  • Have students complete the Inventor Chart and also require that they write questions they would like to know more about-one for each invention category. Do NOT have them take the quiz right away. Reconvene the class to share these questions for discussion and clarification purposes. Then have students return to the laptops for the quiz.
  • Assign one or two of the invention categories as homework (if your students have Internet access) and discuss the rest in class as above. This would save you some class time, though you will need to be available for follow-up questions.

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What were marketing activities like before and after the Industrial Revolution

compare marketing activities before and after the industrial revolution.