Baja land Acquisitions

Baja California Land

There are few readily available resources for the investor looking to make the dream of foreign land acquisition a reality. Are you looking to develop property outside of the United States? Many would answer yes to that question, but are discouraged by misinformation regarding international land leasing and ownership laws.

Proper information and consultation are key components to any international land acquisition and area development venture. However, finding a company with expertise and experience in those areas can prove a daunting task.

Berkley Construction Can Make Your International Dreams a Reality!
Berkley Construction General Contracting has an established track record in international development, beginning with Baja California. We currently are developing vacation and rental properties in the town of Punta Abreojos, an idyllic fishing community located in the northwest corner of Baja California Sur. Long range plans include the acquisition and development of land in mainland Mexico and Panama, with potential sites in Canada and Guatemala also being considered.

There are numerous difficulties developing in rural areas. Often, there are no supplies available, incurring shipping and travel costs. Crews have to provide their own power and water sources, and local industries often have a very different view of development than what we've become accustomed to here in the United States.

Your Solution to a Successful Business Venture
As previously stated, familiarization with foreign land laws is paramount for a seamless and successful investment venture. If you're looking to build that house on the water in paradise, Berkley Construction will educate you about the foreign legal environment that paradise resides in.

For example, in Mexico, we have done much research about the area and the title of the property in question. International residents can own land in Mexico, they just have to use good judgment, especially when...

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