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The Design Development Division of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department is responsible for the planning and development of all city parks and greenways.

Where will new parks and greenways be located?

Before a park or greenway trail can be built, the city must first acquire the needed land. Generally, the location of new parks and greenways are determined through extensive planning and public participation during the Parks Plan process.


The Design Development Division works with the city’s Real Estate Division to continually identify and purchase land for future parks and greenways as directed by the Comprehensive Plan and the Parks Plan. The primary method of acquiring land is accomplished through a targeted acquisition process. The 2004 Parks Plan identifies Level of Service (LOS) goals and recommended Park Service Areas.Cover Areas in need of parks are identified by combining these measures with geographic information system (GIS) data on the size and locations of existing parks. Properties in these areas are then analyzed to determine their suitability as park sites. The Design Development Division works through the City’s Real Estate Division to pursue and acquire new properties. City Council approves all parkland acquisitions.


Greenway land is usually conveyed to the City through greenway easements and fee simple transactions. The City’s acquisition of greenways is guided by the Capital Area Greenway System corridors. The widths of the greenway corridors vary based on the stream hierarchy and the 100 year floodplain. The City requires dedication of land for greenways from residential developments that fall along these corridors or other planned greenway connectors. Developers of non-residential properties may also be required to reserve a portion of their property for greenways. Additionally, planned greenway trail projects may require greenway land to be acquired. The Design Development Division works with staff from the City’s Real Estate Division and City Attorney’s office to acquire any additional land needed to complete a greenway trail.

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