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Devoted to Preserving Coventry's Open Space

What is a Land Trust?

Land Trusts are local, regional or statewide nonprofit organizations dedicated to the preservation of open space, preservation of vital land resources within their jurisdiction, and land that may be important to the quality of life within the community.

America has close to 1, 000 independent Land Trusts that have protected several million acres of land. Trusts own over a million acres and hold conservation easements on thousands of acres of land.

The Coventry Land Trust

The Coventry Town Council in conjunction with the Rhode Island Legislature established the Coventry Land Trust in February of 1999. Many communities have created Land Trusts to preserve and protect open space and the Coventry Land Trust is the town’s vehicle to promote preservation of Coventry’s rural, rustic and historic character that defines the town. Members of the Land Trust are volunteers appointed by the Town Council who share the goal of preserving and protecting the Town’s precious lands for future generations.

Our Mission

  • Acquire, preserve and protect Coventry’s open space for future generations
  • Conserve and protect environmentally sensitive lands and natural resources
  • Educate residents and the general public regarding the need for land and resource conservation
  • Recommend to the Town Council those properties which meet the goals and objectives for land preservation


The Land Trust strives to preserve open space, protect wetlands, water bodies, ground and surface water resources, farm lands, historical or cultural places of interest, scenic views, unusual, exceptional or exemplary natural habitats. Land Trust held properties hopefully will provide opportunities for research and education on natural resources. Land Trust properties, unless restricted, are open to the public for passive recreation. The Coventry Comprehensive Plan guides the Land Trust in protecting environmentally sensitive areas, wetlands, aquifer recharge areas, scenic views and farmlands. The Land Trust protects open space via acquisition of development rights, conservation easements, acquiring title, and receiving donations of real property. The Land Trust also partners with private and governmental land protection agencies to achieve mutual goals particularly on large parcels which otherwise might be out of reach for one particular group. The Land Trust in cooperation with the town of Coventry monitors land trust properties to ensure their environmental integrity.

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