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CPECS1Airtron Canada offers an advanced solution to help customers achieve the most efficient operation of their central chilled water plant. Our solution’s software, Kiltech’s CPECS (Central Plant Energy Control System), has complete knowledge of compressor, tower and pump performance characteristics which it uses in real time to modulate control levels to all variable frequency drives for maximum system performance while respecting minimum chiller flows, temperature limits and occupant comfort. The result is a central plant that operates in synchrony to deliver the highest possible total performance.

Unlike other static optimization strategies, our solution has the ability to self-correct chiller, tower and pump performance maps such that regardless of wear and tear, inaccuracies in manufacturer’s data or in design conditions, your plant will always run at peak efficiency. The CPECS software goes past the central plant and out to the air handling units continuously scanning specific data points in order to balance central plant performance with air side performance without sacrificing occupant comfort.

Any time a variable speed chiller plant operates at a capacity less than its maximum there exists an opportunity for optimization of set points and flows without compromising occupant comfort or process temperatures. ASHRAE studies conclude that air conditioning applications operate at part load over 96% of the time.

The CPECS web interface displays actual plant performance in real time to the operator placing the utmost focus on efficiency. All CPECS control systems have the ability to remotely warn of equipment failures or poor efficiency via a built-in email server. Each installation deploys with a full enterprise SQL database that resides on the site (all data is owned and under control of the owner).

Airtron Canada’s solution can be flexibly deployed and may be delivered as a complete controls package with VFD’s, control cabinet, touch panel, I/O hardware or as a networked smart box deployed on the BAS backbone (BACnet, Lon, Modbus & N2 capable.)

Our Optimized Chiller Plant Control solution achieves optimization via:

  • Optimized cooling tower control and sequencing
  • Chiller sequencing that seeks lowest kW for the capacity
  • Variable speed, variable set point chilled water pumping
  • Optimized VFD condenser water pump control
  • Optimized pump sequencing
  • Chilled water reset based on actual AHU demand

Our Airtron Canada CPECS solution has achieved annual total plant operating efficiencies of 0.48kW/Ton (7.3 COP) and better. These results far exceed today’s energy efficiency code requirements and defy conventional thinking!

Each plant is installed with its own flow, electrical and temperature metering, enabling a real-time view of plant efficiency. Both electrical savings and up to 10% reduction in tower water consumption can be realized.

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