Precast concrete structural wall systems

Versacore+Green Precast PanelsThe most advanced precast wall panel on the planet, VersaCore+Green™ walls were developed by Fabcon in order to provide a precast solution with superior R-Values, design flexibility, and sustainability ratings. Fabcon’s manufacturing technique results in the most efficient combination of durability, insulation, design and finishes ever produced. VersaCore+Green™ is available in a range of thicknesses from 8 inches to 12 inches and widths up to 12 feet, giving you the ability to select an R-Value that best suits your needs and project.

Building Sustainability

Sustainable architecture is the practice of designing and constructing more energy-efficient buildings that have a positive impact on their environments. VersaCore+Green™ wall systems meet this criteria, giving your buildings a higher percentage of recycled-product content, a higher level of energy efficiency and a structurally sustainable product. VersaCore+Green™ wall panels incorporate up to 58% recycled content, as well as the potential for increased LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points and tax credits.

Environmental Stewardship that Performs

Whether you’re green or just thrifty, Fabcon’s VersaCore+Green™ precast panels make a world of sense. VersaCore+Green’s™‘ proprietary mix and unique construction combine to deliver R-Values that reward your good choice with real savings, and lower heating and cooling costs. The bottom line: You conserve the planet and you save some money.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With higher energy-efficiency comes lower energy costs. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that building managers could save 20% – 30% on energy bills by implementing energy-efficient improvements. VersaCore+Green™ wall systems help you save energy and money by delivering R-Values that are three points higher than other precast wall panels. Yet VersaCore+Green™ has the same structural integrity as our previous product, VersaCore Plus. The panels also weigh less, so shipping costs may be lower.

Design Flexibility

The new VersaCore+Green™ production process allows structural design requests including recessed connections and the ability to cast-in door and window openings. Accommodating design requests in the initial stage of panel creation versus on the job site saves time in the construction process, helps contractors control costs, and provides architects and engineers with a flexible range of design options and tools.

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